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New OCEAN Collection

James Brindley Fabrics Ltd presents RECYCLED, available in 32 stunning colours and made from 100% Recycled Ocean plastic, our new Ocean collection has been developed with the desire to divert landfills and oceans, reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Each metre of Recycled fabric prevents approximately 7590 half litre bottles from polluting the ecosystem.


OCEAN 150 Peacock

OCEAN 144 Ballerina

OCEAN 129 Sky

OCEAN 117 Mist

OCEAN 116 Natural

OCEAN 115 Ivory

OCEAN 127 Linen

OCEAN 123 Chrome

OCEAN 119 Silver

OCEAN 128 Flint

OCEAN 132 Anthracite

OCEAN 113 Smoke

OCEAN 138 Chiffon

OCEAN 137 Hessian

OCEAN 121 Taupe

OCEAN 120 Beige

OCEAN 112 Pecan

OCEAN 149 Ginger

OCEAN 125 Chocolate

OCEAN 110 Cocoa

OCEAN 108 Latte

OCEAN 131 Mushroom

OCEAN 124 Mocha

OCEAN 106 Duck Egg

OCEAN 130 Marine

OCEAN 134 Navy

OCEAN 143 Teal

OCEAN 142 Highland Green

OCEAN 139 Mustard

OCEAN 141 Honey

OCEAN 151 Coral

OCEAN 107 Lilac

Regular turning of the Cushions will help maintain the appearance of the fabric, as will cleaning with a hand vacuum cleaner.  Particular attention should be paid to those parts of the suite which are in regular contact with hands and arms.




RUB TEST 40,000

Useful Tips / Recommendations

Fabrics will age and wear during use.  Certain fabrics may acquire new characteristics; these should be considered natural e.g. All textured or pile fabrics may flatten, pile may distort.  This is inevitable.  Any fabric may crease, Linen has a particular propensity.  Flat weaves may pill or bobble.  This list is by no means exhaustive, and we recommend that any natural characteristics be fully explained to end user.

On certain fabrics pilling or bobbling may appear, and this will remove itself in a short period of time. We strongly advise against any chemical treatments.  Such treatments may adversely affect the wearing qualities and general performance of the fabric. We regret therefore, the responsibility for any fabrics treated by a third party in this way or any other than in its original manufacturing process.

  • Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester, the Ocean fabric is also recyclable.
  • Cleaning Instructions: Professional Dry Clean in Situ.
  • Fabric Width: 138 CM
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